My Bookish Goals For The Remainder Of 2021

Well folks, we’re already halfway through 2021 ? I don’t know about you, but time is just flying this year for me! I’ve had a super rocky start to the year in terms of life, but hopefully the second half will bring me the positivity I deserve – because goodness knows I could do with a few good months ?

Anyway, I had a list of goals I wanted to accomplish this year, but since life keeps pooping on me, I haven’t really kept up with them ? That being said, I’m using this mid-point to start afresh, so I figured I’d set myself some goals for the rest of the year. Fingers crossed I can actually stick to them ?

Today I’m going to share with you a few bookish goals I hope to achieve this year, both in terms of reading, blogging, and my bookish candle business. Wish me luck! ?

catch up on – and complete – my goodreads reading challenge

So as of the beginning of July, I’m currently about 5 books behind on my reading challenge. That’s not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things, but I really hate being behind at all ? My goal for the year is to read 100 books, so in order to complete that, I need to finish about 9 books per month for the rest of the year ? At the moment, I’m averaging at about 6 every month, but I know that if I pick up some quick YA books, I can claw my way back on track eventually ? Keep your fingers crossed for me! I think I might need to start spending less time on my Switch, and more time with a book in my hand… ?

read at least 50 pages every day

It might seem silly to a lot of people to set myself a daily page goal, but it’s more about carving out time every day to just sit with a book. Depending on writing style, genre, and a few other factors, 50 pages can take me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get through which I don’t think is an unreasonable amount of time to spend reading each day. Obviously if I have time, I’ll read more than 50 pages, but I feel like that’s a good starting goal to get me back into the habit of reading every day ? I know that if I want to catch up on my reading goal I’ll likely have to read far more than 50 pages every day, but for now, I just need to get back into the habit of reading, period ?

read at least one non-fantasy book every month

So if you know me at all, you know that I read almost exclusively fantasy. From urban fantasy to high fantasy, I love it all – YA and adult alike. That being said, I really want to change up my reading experience, so I’ve decided that I want to try and read at least one book every month that doesn’t fall into the fantasy category. I’ve read several books so far this year that I didn’t expect to love as much as I did, and I really want to explore more genres outside of my comfort zone. Thrillers, literary fiction, mysteries, sci-fi… I want to experience it all ?

keep up with a blogging schedule

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that I’ve actually been blogging on and off for almost 11 years now ? I’ve had multiple blogs and while there has been times when I’ve taken a break (sometimes for a year or two), I always come back to it. Ultimately, I just love having a platform where I can talk about something I’m truly passionate about ? That being said, I’ve always been ridiculously bad at keeping up with a schedule. I tend to post whenever I want, and it just doesn’t work for me anymore. I need some structure in my life right now, and having a blogging schedule is a step in the right direction. I’m not entirely sure what that schedule will look like right now, but I’m hoping to have at least 3 posts up every week. Fingers crossed I can actually stick with it ?

create at least 3 more candle sets for my shop

So if you don’t already know, I have a small bookish candle shop over on Etsy that I’ve been working on since about November last year. I currently have some Sarah J. Maas, fairytale, and Erin Morgenstern inspired candles over there and I’m honestly so proud of them. That being said, because of life getting in the way these last few months, I’ve kind of been neglecting my shop and I’m really hoping to change that throughout the remainder of this year. I’m hoping to expand on the types of bookish items I create, but for now I just need to focus on launching more candles. It’s something I’m truly passionate about, so I need to start carving out more time for my little business ?

So there you have my main bookish goals for the rest of 2021. I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself, and I feel good about this list… for now, anyway ? Have you set yourself any goals this year? Have you managed to keep up with them? Until next time, happy reading! ?

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