Wrap-Up // The Books I Read In February

Well, February happened, I guess 😂 We’re already two months into 2021 and I have no concept of time anymore, apparently 🙉 Unfortunately, February turned out to be a not so great month for me, both in terms of my reading and also my personal life. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for me, […]

My Favourite YA Fantasy Series’

Okay, so. Let’s talk fantasy, shall we? Fantasy is a genre that that I’ve always loved, and YA fantasy in particular houses some of my favourite series’ of all time. From the worldbuilding to the romance, the series’ on this list have the whole package, and I can’t wait to share with you my absolute […]

Book Tag // Unpopular Opinions

Okay, so. Today I’m here with a tag that is simultaneously loved and hated within the bookish community: the “Unpopular Opinions” book tag. For some reason, people get super offended when other people don’t like their favourite books, or share their opinions about various things. But y’know what? I don’t care. Everyone is entitled to […]

Book Tag // Reading Habits

Do you ever have those weeks where literally everything just goes tits up and you can’t focus on anything at all? I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that, especially in the last year. My brain just isn’t computing life right now, so I decided that I’d just have a little bit of […]